Top reasons why Linux is best

Unlike Windows or MAC, Linux is free, reliable, known for consuming fewer system resources, use of open source software available for free, more secure. Linux is an open-source you can modify its source code.

No doubt, still many of you like to work on Windows OS especially at Desktop level but it might be you have never tried Linux.
The features and flexibility it provides, I am sure you will fall in love with it.

Let me highlight a few of the features which makes it unique.

  1. Free to use for personal as well as Enterprise level
  2. No need to pay for additional software applications
  3. User-friendly for novice
  4. Consume minimum hardware resources and works efficiently on lower configurations as well.
  5. In terms of reliability, Linux is a well-known OS for its stability and reliability. You can upgrade, downgrade, install or remove any application without rebooting your servers.
  6. Unlike other OS, Linux does not require the use of commercial anti-virus/anti-malware packages and its vulnerability level is tends to ZERO.
  7. Open Source and nothing is hidden from the end-user. You can customize the OS as per your requirements.
  8. There are tons of Linux distribution catered for different-different needs viz. Kali-Linux for Hackers,
  9. It is for everyone. Whether you are a programmer or an IT administrator or whether you are a database administrator or Security expert Linux will always serve your purpose.
  10. Linux is everywhere in the universe. From a supercomputer to a small mobile, from ATM machines to Smart TV, from a tiny smartwatch to a jumbo aircraft we are directly or indirectly surrounded by Linux.